Why should you keep advertising your business during the corona virus?

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The coronavirus pandemic has upended life as we know it. Social Distancing. Stay at home. Isolation, home office, etc.

The whole world is in high alert scrambling to deal with the pandemic. Humans Lives and Public Safety are the top priority in the combat against the Pandemic.

Many of the business owners have chosen to make a digital transformation of their businesses, taking advantage of the situation we are living in, knowing that people spend most of their time looking at their phones, working on their computers,  They have gone from executing offline advertising to increase their online advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc..) knowing that is the best strategy to continue managing sales afloat and positioning their brand. For all businesses that are choosing to execute Digital Marketing strategies, they have to take into consideration the following points:

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a) Your competition is thinking the same thing: as you have seen in recent days, businesses similar to yours have also opted for a Digital Marketing Strategy (Advertising on social networks, Google, etc.)

b) Perfect time to stand out from the competition: MMUSA guarantees that the Digital Marketing services it provides can take a step forward from your competition since we have the experience and a team of  Marketing Specialists who are aware of new practices in the digital world and that they have the knowledge on how to execute a Marketing Strategy and get the expected results.

c) Best time to have more eyeballs on your advertisement: As we previously mentioned in this time of isolation and social distance, people are on their phones, working in their computer or watching a movie in their tablet, so it is the perfect time to run an online campaign because we are sure that our audience is there waiting to hear about your company.

d)  This is an economic crisis but your business, if looked closely has a solution for your customer/audience base: The Digital transformation for your business is the solution and we know it is not an easy step if it is the first time you choose to run A Digital Marketing Strategy this is why MMUSA will guide you through during this new stage for your business, implementing strategies that will give results for your company.

e) Increase your advertisement into different platforms, like Pinterest, Facebook, and IG:  Choosing a single channel for your online advertising can give the result you expect for your company, however, it has been shown that choosing to run ads on different platforms increases the Therefore, we recommend that we do not keep a single platform for your digital campaigns.

f) Less competition out there because businesses’ first budgets they stop in their business are those in marketing and advertising. Right now there are more eyeballs searching with fewer ads getting in front of them.

Article Credit: Marvin Vasquez from Multi Marketing USA in New York.

Video Credit: 5 BEST Marketing Strategies You NEED During Coronavirus | Adam Erhart