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According to Ayurveda aggravated doshas “Pitta-Vata-Kapha” causes Gastritis all 3 of them, usually contribute to gastric problems in their own way.

How does your body digest its food?

If Pitta gets aggravated one feels a burning sensation and increase in stomach acid PH level causing Peptic ulcers

If Kapha Gets aggravated Agni/Digestive acid in the stomach becomes diluted losing its strength in Ayurveda it is known as “Mandagni” (Bhasmak Roga) low digestion capacity this caused indigestion and Heartburn, vomiting, and burning sensation in the food pipe.

If Vata gets aggravated it causes severe bloating and the stomach’s acidic gas gets increased causing frequent loud burps and farting also associated with constipation.

Ways to cure Acid Reflux & GERD Naturally

all of the above are doshas complementing to the gastric problem but for those Doash’s to get imbalance few bad habits which one may probably be doing for a long time that is.

EATING WHEN NOT HUNGRY – this causes indigestion and heartburn as stomach juice mixed with undigested food enters the food pipe/esophagus while burp, not only that one tends to get overweight or colon/intestine issues due to this, EAT MINDFULLY.

Eat Right to stay healthy-Mindful Eating Practices

r/Ayurveda - What is a gastric problem?

Acid Reflux/Gastric Trouble

Eating food that is not right for you!!! why because not all of them can get digested all types of food available one has to choose easily digestible food to avoid indigestion and gastric problems.

Postponing food due to work during the strong feelings of hunger causes ulcers and intestine erosion and damages soft and sensitive intestinal mucosa.

According to me, some people, not all have dairy product intolerance and it is advisable to not have if you are intolerant, if at all you want to have milk have with a pinch of turmeric and piper longum (long pepper) mixed and boiled in milk to sate lactose intolerance.

Drink water at least 40 min before meals and after having food immediately don’t consume water give a gap of 90 minutes then have water.

Don’t watch TV and have food as one tends to eat more or less during this and causing gastric

High stress, depression, and anxiety are major reasons these days causing gastric issues as stress hormones cause Doshas to get imbalanced very badly

Also, Smoking, Alcoholism.

All of the above are few reasons according to me, but I suggest one should always consult an Ayurveda Doctor and Viadya if one is facing a gastric problem, as home remedies won’t last long and vaidya’s suggestion will help one in getting proper treatment.

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