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Formerly known as Oath, Verizon Media has spent the last year and a half reshaping its ad-tech stack into one of the most widely used services across digital advertising. It’s recently brought native inventory into its DSP, meaning marketers now have access to omnichannel supply, and it’s developed a connected TV measurement tool to help marketers as they navigate the changing television landscape.As for publishers, chief business officer Iván Markman thinks the company’s flexible offerings, especially around streaming technology, make it a valuable partner. “A lot of our publisher customers are going through a transformation or are thinking about the future. And we can share some of our learnings,” he told Adweek earlier this year.Not surprising, then, that Verizon Media scored top ratings by Adweek readers for four categories:Demand Side Platform An automated platform that buys ad placements on digital publishers’ websites.Supply Side Platform Software for publishers to sell digital ad inventory.Ad Network: Video A platform that connects advertisers with publishers that place video ads on their websites or apps.Ad Network: Mobile A platform that connects advertisers with mobile website and app ad inventory and facilitates the buying process.

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