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Music video app Triller has partnered with record label Universal Music Group and publisher Complex Networks to virtually pitch brand marketers next week.The presentations, which the three companies are calling the Nextfronts—and describe as a “cultural NewFronts”—will showcase new programming and activation opportunities to brand marketers looking to tap into popular culture and strike up relationships with trendsetters. The invitation-only meeting, hosted by Adweek, will be held June 29.“The choices we make as brands are driven by moments and movements,” said Bonin Bough, chief growth adviser of Triller, in a statement. “Specific events in 2020 have resulted in a profound reshaping of industries. Culture is shaping what our consumers are gravitating towards, and it is the brand’s responsibility to organically tap into that and connect with the audience. At the Nextfronts meetings, we look forward to sharing our own proven strategies to do just that.”The three presenters are bringing together brand executives from a variety of industries to highlight new culturally forward programming, products and brand opportunities. The goal is to link up brands with cultural and music influencers and icons as social issues like racial justice continue to remain at the forefront of the national conversation.“When the now and the new can feel so backwards or fleeting, there’s this natural tendency to look for what’s next: for a sense of normalcy, optimism, a path forward, guidance for how to lead your brand into the future and maintain relevance,” Jeff Mazzacano, svp of sales at Complex Networks, said in a statement. “Since 2002, we’ve been in the business of championing what and who is coming next, and are excited to join Triller and UMG in sharing how we’re collectively helping partners create and connect with young audiences during times of rapid transformation.”The presentation comes on the heels of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s NewFronts week, where streaming services, publishers and social apps pitched marketers on new ad formats, their latest programming, and stats about spiking digital viewership and usage amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Complex Networks’ parent companies Verizon and Hearst did not participate in the NewFronts events, although both companies have presented in years past.Triller is a video-focused app that lets users create music videos. In October, it closed a $28 million funding round, which it said would allow it to build out new tools and product enhancements so it could compete against other apps. One of those competitors, the short-form video app and cultural phenomenon TikTok, presented at the NewFronts for the first time last week.

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