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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) launched a new logo and visual identity today, created with independent agency network The&Partnership, to represent the brand’s progression since its last redesign over a decade ago.Toyota’s redesign is focused on representing its rapid expansion into new areas, including electric vehicles and online retail. The company is focused on appealing to a modern and expanding audience, with an emphasis on content for digital, that will last for years.“As well as remodernizing the brand, we also sought to bring a more premium feeling while working hard to simplify the brand architecture and creating a design system which will be fluent across today and tomorrow’s touch points,” said Dan Beckett, head of art at The&Partnership, in a statement.The rebranding aims to complete four tasks:Appear forward-thinking Create a more premium feel Stay consistent Design mobile-first Perhaps most notably, Toyota acknowledged its brand recognition by removing the wordmark from its new logo and leaving just the symbol. The minimalistic logo dropped the brand’s name. The car company has been shifting its marketing and advertising throughout the pandemic to explore how best to help its audience. It began with simple messages of support, and later showcased contactless customer services and a 90-day payment deferment program.Competitors in the auto industry have also been exploring new messaging both in response to the pandemic and in preparation for the future. Hyundai launched a four-part series with Tastemade to encourage viewers to take adventures, Ford revealed the latest iteration of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck and brought back the Bronco, and Volkswagen underwent its own logo update.

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