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As climate change’s threat and impact grows, the onus is increasingly placed on brands to become more sustainable.  To better determine which brands are doing so, research and disclosure nonprofit CDP and environmental nonprofit World Wildlife Fund (WWF) teamed up to create a temperature ratings dataset, which gives 4,000 global companies a score based on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and how much they need to cut them.Europe’s largest asset manager, Amundi, will be the first to utilize this dataset in its investment decision-making.“Mobilization and concrete action can only be achieved through a common understanding of the target impacts set by companies, and a recognition of the remaining required efforts,” said Jean-Jacques Barbéris, member of Amundi’s executive committee and head of institutional clients coverage and ESG [environmental, social and governance], in a statement.According to CDP, the dataset differentiates itself from other environmental reports by outlining corporations’ targets and their plans to reduce emissions in a given timeline, and providing a rating for their possible long-term outcome. This gives consumers an idea of which companies are creating real, lasting change, and provides investors an analysis of how sustainable a corporation plans to be in the coming years.The ratings dataset includes analysis of each included company, as well as reporting and disclosure, portfolio assessment and target setting, and corporate engagement.CDP said the rankings are science-based, and provide clear and readable data on how a company will impact global warming in the near future.Now, shoppers and investors alike can see which brands hold their same values in sustainability.This report is holding global corporations accountable for their impact on the planet in a time when many companies are setting lofty goals for emissions reductions. Apple pledged to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030, and Verizon said the same for 2035. Even Burger King is changing the diets of cows used in its food products to lessen emissions.

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