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There’s really been only one way to stay engaged with customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that’s by building digital brands and communities. But that’s not just a crisis tactic, and with the coronavirus accelerating the trend of online shopping, social media is no longer a game businesses can afford not to play.On today’s episode of Adweek Together, one of our Creative 100 honorees joins us to talk about how to use social media now and into the future.Matt Kobach was very recently head of social media at Intercontinental Exchange, where he helped pivot market news during the pandemic. Now part of a startup, Kobach will discuss forming online community, the rise of Instagram Live and what brands get wrong about social media.Adweek Together is a weekly discussion at noon ET, hosted by our editors along with the leaders of the companies we cover, seeking guidance, solutions and information—together. For inquiries and feedback, email us at adweektogether@adweek.com.

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