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Even before Ben Witte concocted the beverage Recess, he created the brand for the CBD-infused drink. In fact, Witte did more than a few things outside his comfort zone, having never worked in the CPG business. “I didn’t know a single person who worked in beverage or CPG,” he tells Ian Wishingrad in this week’s episode of I’m With the Brand.“Everything we do is about marketing a feeling,” says Witte about building the Recess brand.But sales count. And the beverage aisle is chock full of myriad mixtures, which is why Witte advises no one should get into the business if they’re “just trying to create the 150th kombucha.”Watch below for more on why Recess chose PR over influencers at launch, where Witte wants the brand to go, and what keeps him up at night. (Spoiler: It’s all those regulations.)

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