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Domestic violence is often not recognizable at first sight. Out of fear and shame, many affected women cannot escape on their own and break. Often, fellow residents are crucial for a safe liberation, but many are not alert enough to realize the severity of the situation.

UNBREAK. A powerful campaign that integrates the issue of domestic violence against women into everyday life and thereby breaks the silence.

Together with TERRE DES FEMMES and glass artist Simon Berger, we prepare a shop window of a Munich restaurant. The window is shattered in several spots. At first sight, it looks like vandalism, but upon closer inspection it turns out to be the face of a woman – the activist Romy Stangl, who was herself affected by domestic violence. By scanning the QR code on-site with a smartphone, the artwork comes to life virtually. In an AR animation, Romy encourages people to take a closer look and inform themselves on the campaign website frauenrechte.de/schauhin. With UNBREAK, we also used social media to reach neighbors who were not there in person.

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