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“Meet the Snapchat Generation,” Snap Inc.’s first-ever global business-to-business marketing campaign, is going live Monday across print, broadcast and digital media channels in the U.S., Canada and Australia.The campaign will be extended to the U.K. oh Aug. 17 and to the rest of Europe, as well as the Middle East and North Africa, on Aug. 24.Snap’s first global consumer campaign, “Real Friends,” kicked off last July highlighting the power or friendship and the platform’s communication tools.The new campaign was developed in-house by the company’s global business marketing and internal creative teams, along with external creative and production partner SpecialGuest.“Our first marketer-focused campaign showcases what is so special about our community, from their strongly held values to their unique behaviors,” Snap Inc. chief marketing officer Kenny Mitchell said in a statement.The new campaign was built around five key themes, according to Snapchat, which cited internal figures.Taking social responsibilitySnapchatters care about their role in the world and their responsibility to improve living conditions.82% of users believe they have a personal responsibility to create the change in the world. 80% of users believe companies have a role to play in solving social issues. Snapchatters are 48% more likely than non-users to feel responsible for Earth’s future and 36% are more likely to care about the environment. “They’re demanding meaningful change, especially in the areas of what’s ethically and morally right,”  NFL senior vice president of social and influence marketing Ian Trombetta said in a statement.Building communitySnapchatters tend to use their platforms to elevate new voices.Users are 34% more likely than non-Snapchatters to buy from brands that support their local communities. 85% are more likely to use social media to promote charitable causes 33% are more likely to actively support charitable organizations that matter to them 33% are more likely to give back and volunteer “One fantastic thing about the Snapchat community is their overall ethos and their positive outlook on where we’re going. We’re here to change the world, and we’re certainly here to change how people shop,” Depop senior performance marketing manager Charlotte Swead said in a statement. Snap Inc. Snap Inc. Celebrating individualityGen Z Snapchat users said “Be yourself” is the slogan that best defines them.More than 50% come from a minority racial or ethnic background. Nearly 75% users like to be surrounded by different people, cultures, ideas and lifestyles. Snap said the majority of its users believe the application’s disappearing messages provide a safe space for them to be themselves. “They are the generation that wants to make more room for everyone to show up more authentically,” Frito-Lay vp of marketing Sadira Furlow said in a statement.Nurturing friendshipsClose friends are more than four times more influential than celebrities or influencers on the purchasing decision of Snapchatters, and more than 80% of them believe bringing joy to others every day is important. “Happy” and “Love” have been the most used words in Snapchat Stories this year. And more than 12 million people watched Snap Original Mind Yourself, which followed 10 young people and their journey with mental health.Communicating in new waysSnap tools, like vertical video—which 75% of users said is more personal and immersive, and augmented reality—are popular with users. Most Snapchat users believe sending pictures is more fun than sending texts, and on average, they create more than 15 pictures and videos per day.“This is a community that loves interacting with brands in immersive environments,” Publicis Media chief digital officer Helen Lin said in a statement.

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