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PetSmart made its Snapchat augmented reality lens debut Tuesday in reptilian fashion.Snap Inc. said PetSmart is the first pet retailer to use AR on Snapchat, and its lens has an educational bent.Snapchatters answer questions about reptiles in a true-or-false test format, and correct answers cause their faces to morph into reptiles.The lens also includes a prompt that users can tap to receive an offer of 40% off a reptile with the purchase of a PetSmart Thrive starter kit, which they can bring into stores to pick out their new pet and learn how to care for it, with the help of an associate.Snap said the lens was built to drive engagement and conversion among reptile enthusiasts with the absence of the types of in-store events PetSmart would normally host if not for Covid-19.PetSmart said it has seen 50% more pet parents add reptiles to their families since the start of the pandemic.The lens is live for Snapchatters in the U.S. via Lens Carousel, and it can also be accessed via Snapcode. PetSmart/Snap Inc. PetSmart/Snap Inc. PetSmart/Snap Inc. PetSmart/Snap Inc. PetSmart/Snap Inc.

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