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Wildflowers & snowgum

The weird get weirder. A bloke called Paul Driessen, whose job includes telling lies about climate change and bringing back smog to the USA, has come up with a wild idea and it’s been posted at WUWT. This time he’s really gone bananas. What he’s saying is that Australia should get rid of all its trees, or those of the eucalypt species which is pretty much the same thing, and that would stop fires. In other words, he’s suggesting we get rid of almost all our forests. That’s one solution to stopping fires, though not original.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what he wrote:

In both California and Australia, people bemoan the loss of eucalyptus trees in fires. But many don’t want them removed or even thinned out.

Many don’t want them removed? Really? How about almost no-one wants them removed. It’s only a few shock jocks in Australia, and Paul Driessen, and probably Rupert Murdoch, who want to chop down all our forests. I can understand that people in California would regard the Australian blue gum as a pest – in California. (That’s probably the only eucalypt they know.) What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to remove all the eucalypts in Australia.
All 894 varieties, coast to coast? (What about the koalas?)
In case anyone is thinking, well, Australia has forests dominated by other species, you’d be right. However, most of our forests are eucalypt forests. Here’s a map showing the different types, courtesy the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES):

Many of the other species: acacia, melaleuca etc also burn quite readily. Should we chop them down as well? And what about the rainforests that have burnt for the first time in thousands of years? How about the rivers, firebreaks, cleared areas, areas burnt several times already? Maybe we should just cover the country in tar and cement!

Paul Driessen is really and truly suggesting we strip bare our continent of the tree species that defines us and our forests, the eucalypt, destroying the homes of birds, kangaroos, koalas, possums, gliders and protects so many species of other flora.

Deniers want us to chop down millions of hectares of forests and become a treeless nation.
No-one but a dastardly climate criminal could even consider chopping down these beautiful snow gums.

Deniers really are most peculiar.

BTW, I’ve been watching out for this and Paul is the first denier I’ve come across who says “CO2 is plant food” is one reason Australia’s fires were so bad (those weren’t his exact words).

Oh, and ignore the rest of his article, it’s complete and utter nonsense. Paul got most of it from various wacko websites in the USA and people who know nothing about Australia (like himself). It’s a mix of lies, conspiracy theories and nut-job politics that WUWT is known for (i.e. to anyone who has the misfortune to know it). Paul is pushing the crazy line that scores of people spent days hiking and climbing for miles deep into inaccessible parts of the Great Dividing Range, waited till they were caught in the middle of electrical storms, then set the forest alight. These people, he must assume, were highly coordinated and set off fires all over NSW and Victoria at the same time as lightning was shooting about. These arsonists who want to get rid of Australia’s forests are very cunning, aren’t they.

Next he’ll be recommending we blow away all the clouds to stop the hailstones.

WUWT is not recommended for the sane.

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