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Healthcare innovation company Outcome Health is spearheading #ShareTheScope, a one-day social media initiative Wednesday (July 22) aimed at spotlighting health issues and disparities facing the Black community.On that day, eight pairs of organizations, each boasting reaches of over 1 million followers, will engage in “sharing the stethoscope” by using their social media spaces to share new voices and perspectives from Black voices working to uproot racism from the healthcare system in the U.S.Outcome Heath cited data compiled over a century by the National Medical Association—the country’s oldest Black healthcare association, which represents over 50,000 Black physicians—showing that asthma, Covid-19, diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy-related deaths are just a few of the health issues that disproportionately affect Black Americans.The pairings are:Ad Council will share its platform with Black Mental Wellness, which provides access to evidence-based information and resources about mental health and behavioral health to decrease mental health stigma in the Black community. HealthiNation will turn over its platform to Sean Peters, founder of My Body, My Kitchen, an online resource to help with the development of the physical and mental health of persons of color. MM&M is partnering with BLKHLTH, which challenges racism and its impact on Black health via its platform that educates, engages and empowers the Black community. Outcome Health will #ShareTheScope with Suzet McKinney, CEO and executive director of the Illinois Medical District, the second-largest urban medical district in the U.S. and home to four major hospitals. PatientPoint will give its platform to GEN-H, developers of a regional health plan as a communitywide response to the critical and growing health challenges facing Greater Cincinnati and North Kentucky. Real Talk With Dr. Offutt will open its mic to the Urban Health Media Project, which is teaching diverse high schools from underresourced communities how to report multimedia stories about the health and social issues affecting their communities. Shatterproof will #ShareTheScope with the Texas Harm Reduction Alliance, which develops and promotes practices and programs to create positive change and reduce the harmful consequences of substance use and misuse in Texas. VeryWell Health will provide its platform to the Black Women’s Health Imperative, the only national organization dedicated solely to improving the health and wellness of the country’s 21 million Black women and girls—physically, emotionally and financially. Outcome Health CEO Matt McNally said in a statement, “#ShareTheScope is Outcome Health’s call to action to the industry to educate and advocate on the deeply embedded gaps in healthcare for Black families. Knowledge is power, so we decided to connect prominent Black organizations with our peers in healthcare who have a shared desire for justice to act together to collectively walk the walk, not just talk the talk: That’s who Outcome Health is. We intend to raise the bar on all aspects within the point-of-care space, which is a key piece of our mission as an organization.”McKinney added, “Despite the fact that healthcare in America has been a topic of debate for decades, the needs of people of color have not been given equitable consideration. The opportunity to #ShareTheScope with Outcome Health for education and advocacy should be a catalyst to a growing recognition of the existing health disparities suffered by Black Americans, and we trust it will encourage more people to use their voices loudly to enact meaningful, lasting change.”And Black Women’s Health Imperative president and CEO Linda Goler Blount said, “#ShareTheScope fits well with our mission to mobilize and engage women and organizations to pursue greater opportunities for gender and racial justice. This is a great opportunity to educate and shift public perception about the needs of Black women’s health.”

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