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Messenger From Facebook rolled out a major update to its chat plugin that will enable businesses to communicate with their customers via their websites, even if they are not logged into Facebook.The chat plugin also features a revamped design aimed at making conversations easier and more intuitive.Messenger product manager Jenny Li said in a blog post Tuesday that businesses testing the new chat plugin saw a 45% increase in customers inquiring about their products and services.Businesses with Facebook pages can install the chat plugin on their websites free-of-charge via Facebook page settings or through partners including Haravan, ManyChat and WooCommerce.BlendJet CEO Ryan Pamplin said in the blog post, “Having an open line of communication with our customers gives them a sense of confidence from the browsing stage to final checkout. We noticed that customers who engage with us are three to four times more likely to check out. With the chat plugin allowing us to reach more customers, we’ve tripled our sales since offering it as a customer engagement channel.” Messenger From Facebook Recart founder Soma Toth added, “As a developer, it’s much easier to convince a business to use a live chat offering that is available to all of their customers. Our business customers are seeing sales directly tied to engagement on Messenger, and the chat plugin helps them leverage the same investment across both their Facebook page and their website at no additional cost. It also reduces the complexity of having to work with or support a fallback for users who are not logged into Facebook.”

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