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Messenger From Facebook introduced an App Lock feature for iOS, coming soon to Android, and detailed inbox controls that it will begin testing soon.App Lock adds another layer of security to the Messenger experience, enabling people to use their device’s settings to unlock the application, meaning that if someone else gets their hands on a user’s device, they will not be able to access that user’s chats.App Lock uses devices’ privacy settings like fingerprint or face authentication to unlock Messenger, and that touch or face ID is not transmitted to or stored by Facebook. Messenger From Facebook Messenger From Facebook A new privacy settings section is being added to the app, giving users easy access to App Lock, the list of people they have blocked, audience settings for their Stories and other information.And coming soon, Messenger will test inbox controls allowing users to choose who can message their inboxes directly, who goes into the message requests folder and who they want zero contact with at all.Messenger will also test more private message request features so that people will not have to view images when deciding whether to respond to, block, report or ignore messages.Director of product management, Messenger privacy and safety Jay Sullivan said in a blog post, “We’re also exploring more ways to protect your privacy and safety when someone you don’t know sends you a message. We’ll be testing a feature similar to what exists on Instagram and WhatsApp that blurs images in your message requests folder. This way, you have the choice to view an image from someone you may not know before replying to the message or blocking or reporting the account.”

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