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WASHINGTON — Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s chief of staff and the former White House press secretary has resigned tonight amid the protests, telling ABC in a statement. She took the job in April.

After less than a year, Grisham stepped down as White House press secretary and communications.

She previously served in the East Wing as communications director and deputy chief of staff.

Kayleigh McEnany transitioned to the West Wing to fill the role of press secretary.

As Trump’s third press secretary, Grisham replaced Sarah Sanders. As communications director, she succeeded former Fox News executive Bill Shine, assuming the role after it had been left vacant for a number of months. Her appointment was announced in a tweet by Melania Trump last June.

Grisham has been a long-serving member and loyal of the Trump administration, beginning as a campaign aide in 2015 and later serving as a deputy press secretary under Sean Spicer. Grisham developed a reputation for prioritizing the first family’s privacy while working for the first lady.

Through her tenure as press secretary, Grisham never gave a traditional briefing, saying they had become “a lot of theater.” She has publicly criticized the press a number of times, asserting that the media does not regularly cover the president’s successes.

Grisham fervently defended the president throughout his impeachment, appearing on a number of news programs, including ABC’s “Good Morning America” last December. In that interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Grisham adamantly insisted the president “did nothing wrong” in regard to withholding aid from Ukraine. She also attempted to justify derogatory comments Trump made about the deceased husband of a Michigan congresswoman who supported his impeachment, saying the president was a “counter-puncher.”

Grisham came under fire in November 2019 for claiming without evidence that Obama administration aides left behind taunting notes for incoming Trump officials as they vacated their White House offices in 2017. A number of Obama staffers flatly denied leaving any negative messages, and some even shared letters of encouragement that they said they left behind for their successors.

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