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Concerned about belly fat/obesity…don’t worry reducing fat has to be approached at a positive angle according to me as reducing fat is always associated with more side effects than positive ones.

r/Ayurveda - Lose body weight/Obesity naturally in Ayurveda way, without side effects: -


According to me few suggestions to follow as per ayurvedic shastras are

Reducing Weight is easier than you think!

  • Stop Binge eating – Eating when not hungry one tends to get fat accumulated in wrong places mostly it gets targeted in belly chiefly, As per Ayurveda eating only when hungry helps you maintain fat proportion in the body thus causing to stabilizing belly fat, not only maintaining fat but also helps in reducing may digestive disorders arising out of binge eating.

  • Food Habits – Eating high fatty foods especially cheese, mayonnaise, and aerated drinks like coke which contain a high amount of processed sugar not only cause belly fat but also promote non-alcoholic fatty liver, my suggestion is to avoid westernized food and follow local food patterns wherever geologically you are residing ex: – if you are in north part like Delhi, Punjab you can have chapatis and rotis and stop having bakery foods like maida/white flour, According to Ayurveda eating cucumber, high fiber Indian origin veggies helps one to reduce belly fat.

r/Ayurveda - Lose body weight/Obesity naturally in Ayurveda way, without side effects: -

Weight loss goals!

  • Yoga & Excercise – This is something which you should follow regularly but, before practicing yoga & Pranayama my suggestion is please get a consultation from Ayurvedic and yoga expert regarding correct postures, and by yoga one’s doshas in the body i.e., Vata-Pitta-Kapha will get balanced, as due high imbalances in doshas one tend to gain a lot of weight and host of other diseases as well.

  • Avoid high stress – stress is one of the major and most neglected factors as high stress induces one to have more food than what is required this is called “Stress eating” mostly sweet cravings arise out of stressful lifestyle as the brain gets extra dopamine (the feel-good hormone), Serotonin gets released when having sweet and tasty foods which get addicted to sweets and high-calorie foods.

In conclusion, before adopting suggestions always consulting an expert Ayurvedic Vadiya’s opinion is best for excellent results.

All the best for your health goals…

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