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Lindsey Boylan, the first of nearly a dozen women to accuse Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of sexual harassment, reflected Tuesday on his decision to resign.

She thanked the attorney general and investigators, and said that she was “in awe of the strength of the other women who risked everything to come forward.”

“My hope always has been that this will make it safer for other women to report their own harassment and abuse,” she added. “I will continue the fight to make that happen.”

Ms. Boylan first made her accusations in December. After Mr. Cuomo denied them, a second accuser, Charlotte Bennett, came forward, saying that Mr. Cuomo had sexually harassed her, too.

More accusers followed, including Brittany Commisso, who became visibly emotional after watching the governor deny touching anyone inappropriately during a news conference, prompting her to tell colleagues what had happened. In the spring, the New York state attorney general, Letitia James, opened an investigation into their allegations.

And on Tuesday, a week after Ms. James’s office released a report that found the governor had sexually harassed 11 women, Mr. Cuomo said that he would resign.

Debra S. Katz, a lawyer for Ms. Bennett, echoed Ms. Boylan’s sentiments on Tuesday, saying she was “struck by the power of women coming forward and supporting one another in this moment, and insisting they be heard.”

“I believe that this really demonstrates the power that women have to hold officials accountable,” she said.

Mariann Wang, a lawyer for Alyssa McGrath, an employee of the governor’s office who said Cuomo had ogled her, and Virginia Limmiatis, an energy company employee who said Cuomo touched her inappropriately, said her clients felt “vindicated and relieved that Cuomo will no longer be in a position of power over anyone.”

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