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It’s not easy to get away overseas on vacation at the moment, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. So Tourism New Zealand, with the help of TBWASydney, found a way to open up the stunning country to virtual visitors.The tourism group and its agency partnered with Twitch and gaming influencer Loserfruit to gamify the country so that people can explore some of New Zealand’s greatest attractions. Primarily targeted at neighboring Australians and the gaming community, the campaign aims to present the country as the ultimate travel destination.To kick off the campaign, 27-year-old Australian gaming influencer Loserfruit, who has 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, played the simulation live on Twitch last week, where she has over 1.8 million followers. The campaign also comprises a range of teaser videos, which are running on social channels.Aspiring tourists, while they can’t play the game, can watch a selection of 18 videos online that show the breadth of the country. “Consider it a vacation for your eyes,” the website urges.“We recognized there was a growing number of people craving new experiences, exploration and most of all a sense of fun and adventure. You wouldn’t think it, but gaming and travel go hand in hand—both are about exploration, wonder and adventure,” said Andrew Waddel, Tourism New Zealand general manager.He said the goal was to get New Zealand on the minds of travelers who might be making plans for their post-quarantine adventures.“Australians are inherent travelers, and PLAY NZ was created to satisfy their wanderlust, and inspire them to visit New Zealand once borders reopen,” Waddel said. “We can’t wait to welcome the world when it is safe to do so.”Andy DiLallo, chief creative officer of TBWASydney and Eleven Sydney, added: “In a traditional campaign we would barely be able to scratch the surface of all that a place like New Zealand can offer. Mimicking a game was the perfect vehicle for us to show off the many facets of New Zealand.”CREDITS:
Client: Tourism New Zealand – Australia
Creative: TBWASydney
PR: Eleven Sydney
Production hero film: AIRBAG
Production additional assets: BOLT
Editing: ARC
Design: Goodeye
Director: Uncle Friendly
Music: Otis Studios
Sound design: Beau Silvester
Kaiārahi Māori / Cultural Guide: Karl Wixon, Director ARAHIA
Media: Mindshare
Technology: Google
Talent: Julian Dennison and Kathleen Belsten (Loserfruit)
Streaming partner: Twitch.

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