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Many people seem to agree, that IQ is the most valid metric in psychology. Among them is Professor Peterson, who has frequently said, that this among few other metrics, is the one thing that isn’t bs about psychology.

However, when I look at sources like this I wonder how it can be possible? There are so many countries listed with average IQs in the mental retardation range.

Senegal for example: 60 IQ. I am pretty sure the average person from Senegal is not mentally challenged. A 60 IQ means someone who doesn’t understand the most simple of concepts. Possible someone who can’t live without supervision, can’t feed themselves etc.

There was a case of someone in the US, I believe with IQ of 75, who was executed. He didn’t even understand what was happening to him. He couldn’t explain to the court what murder was, and he didn’t understand what would happen to him at execution.

How can psychologists think IQ can be a valid concept at all? Some even think IQ tests don’t require literacy and are independent of culture.

What is the mainstream scientific view on IQ in these countries? Personally, I have been to Nepal for example and I never felt the need to explain to people what 2×2 is or how to operate a light switch etc.

I read a tutorial, which explains how IQ questions are designed and what types of questions there are and how to generally solve them. After this explanation I was a lot better at solving these types of questions. This alone should cast some shade on the validity of IQ tests.

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