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Independent ad tech is getting a boost as it scrambles to find a new way to monetize the open web.Index Exchange, one of the most widely used supply-side platforms, has joined Prebid, a coalition of ad-tech companies that standardizes programmatic monetization.With third-party cookies on the decline, the digital advertising industry is searching for a new way to track and monetize users on the open web, otherwise they fear steeper competition from walled gardens, especially Google and Facebook.“The industry has very little time to solve for what’s to come after the third-party cookie, and we know collaboration is going to be an essential element of our path forward,” Mike O’Sullivan, vp of product at Index Exchange, said in a statement.Index Exchange recently took its identity partnership with LiveRamp global to help address the industry’s third-party cookie problem.“In addition to solving the third-party cookie challenge, publishers are increasingly trying to monetize in an omnichannel world, and with that comes complexity,” Sullivan, who is also joining Predbid’s board, said. “Prebid.org is an excellent forum to discuss, design and standardize potential solutions with a wide variety of stakeholders.”Index Exchange is joining 55 other members, including The Trade Desk, which became the first demand-side platform take part in Prebid last November.A spokesperson for Index Exchange told Adweek that the company has participated with Prebid on projects “for years.” Now, Index Exchange has an official seat at the table, the spokesperson said.Tom Levesque, president of Prebid, said the group is looking forward to Index Exchange’s contributions and leadership.“IX’s participation solidifies Prebid.org’s role as the best place for publishers, SSPs, DSPs and buyers to create the future of the unified auction,” Levesque said in a statement.Ad tech companies are coming together to find an alternative to the third-party cookie after Google announced earlier this year it will be ridding its Chrome browser of the prominent web trackers by 2022.

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