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Chiefly, According to Ayurveda COVID-19 virus or any bacteria cannot survive in an “oil medium”, so the first thing you have to do is infuse ayurvedic based oil into your nostrils this can be used by everybody on a daily basis that oil is called “ANU TAILAM” you can put 1 drop daily into each nostril and also apply “Tilla taila/sesame oil/gingelly oil after 1-hour gap of “Anu tailm” infusion into the nostril, this has to be done in the early morning just after waking up from bed.

r/Ayurveda - How to protect yourself during a pandemic(COVID-19) with Ayurvedic essentials: -

Protection against COVID-19

  • The reason why Anu Tailm helps you during pandemics is…it is one of a kind unique formulation in oil form that can balance 3 dosha’s in the body i.e., VATAPITTA-KAPHA.

  • EAT ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY – this helps in balancing 3 doshas naturally through which a person’s immunity power may get strong, a person with these 3 balanced doshas may have fewer diseases in his body.

  • Secondly, “Saltwater gargling” especially use only “Rock salt” not powder salt as this is salt in crude and unprocessed form may have the capacity to fight topical infections, do this every morning your oral area is clean.

  • Drink Tulsi Kashayam, a herbal concoction of (Ram Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, & Vana Tulsi) boil and reduce this like decoction and drink this, as tulsi since 5000 years is known for its antiviral properties.

  • Wash your clothes every day, wash hands when you come from outside, no need to wash frequently & get anxious, as it may develop into (obsessive-compulsive disorder – OCD )

Final conclusion is, Always consult an ayurvedic vaidya for best results and precautionary measures.

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