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Australia’s politicians from the Liberal, National and Labor parties all vow that now isn’t the right time to talk about climate change.

Soon there’ll be not the tiniest gap between the droughts, fires, heat waves and floods so they’ll be saved from ever having to talk about climate change and what they aren’t doing about it.

Courtesy of Australia’s national broadcaster:

If you’re wondering about some of the references, here’s a guide:

  • Karl Stefanovic – I don’t know who he is (I don’t watch television). I gather he’s some tv host who’s changed time slots or channels or something. You’ll have to Google him if you’re interested.
  • Dr Karl – is a popular Australian science lover who is in turn loved by many.
  • Quiet Australians – our Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to silence any Australians who speak. He only want’s to listen to “quiet Australians” because they say nothing, don’t make his head hurt and don’t interrupt him when he’s singing in tongues to his god.

If only Scott Morrison would stop telling his god what to do and start listening to what his god’s been telling him for the past few years: Millennium Drought, Canberra fires, Black Saturday fires, Alpine fires, big wets and big dries, dead fish, dried up rivers, towns out of water – and all the other weather catastrophes this century including the current ones.

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