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Two of Facebook’s most widely used features during the coronavirus pandemic are being combined, as the social network began rolling out a way to start Facebook Live videos from Messenger Rooms.The integration of the two features enables users to host live broadcasts with up to 50 people.People can create a Room directly from Facebook or Messenger on the web and invite anyone to join, whether or not they have a Facebook account.Room creators can then broadcast their Room to a profile, page or group and invite other people to tune in.The Room creator has full control over the Facebook Live broadcast, including where the Room is shared, who can view the livestream and who can participate. Facebook All members or a Room will see a notification inviting them to join the Facebook Live broadcast, which is opt-in. They can also choose to leave the Room before the livestream starts. Facebook Room creators can add or remove participants at any time, and participants can leave at any time.Room creators can also lock or unlock Rooms during Facebook Live broadcasts.Facebook Live broadcasts via Messenger Rooms are shared to Facebook, meaning people outside of the Rooms may see what is happening, based on the audience and where the Room is shared on the social network. Viewers can report any live videos that they believe violate Facebook’s community standards, and Facebook said it may collect and review audio and video from those broadcasts to make sure they are compliant. Facebook Facebook The social network said the ability to start Facebook Live videos via Messenger Rooms will begin rolling out in some countries Thursday on Facebook and Messenger for the web, with plans to expand it to all countries where Rooms is available, as well as to the Facebook and Messenger mobile applications and the Messenger desktop app.The feature will be enhanced over the coming months, as well.Facebook said in a blog post, “Whether you’re hosting a book club with friends, interviewing a panel of experts, teaching a fitness class or broadcasting with your friends for fun, going live from a Room makes it easy to have more interactive broadcasts with audiences of any size.” Facebook

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