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Paula Vargas, the social network’s head of privacy policy in Latin America, outlined steps the company is taking to comply with LGPD in a Newsroom post.People in Brazil will now be asked for permission before Facebook can use certain types of data, such as data with special protections under LGPD.A new privacy notice related to Brazil was also added to data policies on Facebook and Instagram, providing more context about LGPD and how people in Brazil can exercise their rights.Vargas said no new action is required from advertisers, as the updates to Facebook’s business terms that were introduced at the beginning of July will ensure compliance.She wrote, “LGPD is another example of governments around the world giving people more rights when it comes to their information and setting rules around what companies can do with people’s data. We support this global effort to protect people’s privacy online and set clear rules for how companies manage people’s data … We believe in offering strong data protections to people in Brazil and around the world. We continue working to communicate clearly about the role data plays in our products and services and offer everyone who uses our applications more controls to manage their information and experience.”

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