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By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
The fevers which are deep seated inside one or the other tissue in a stubborn way are called as dhatugata jwaras. Dhatugata – seated in, Jwara – fever

Fever is caused due to the localization of doshas in the tissues leading to their vicious amalgamation. This step is mandatory in the pathogenesis of any disease caused by vitiated doshas. This is called dosha dushya sammurchana and is caused in the 4th stage of pathogenesis.
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But this condition is a different scenario. The disease i.e. fever has already manifested. It is the fever which gets localized in the tissues and not the doshas. Therefore this condition is formed in the later stages of the fever. This may occur when one of the below mentioned conditions persist –

– Improper treatment of fever
– Incomplete evacuation of residue of fever causing doshas in the body
– Reduced immunity
– Weaker tissues unable to recover the damage occurred during the process of long standing fever
– Improper follow up after fever wherein one consumes unwholesome foods and activities

The fever may be located in any of the tissues. When this happens, the fever produces specific symptoms related to those tissues in which it gets lodged. These symptoms are characteristic to those fevers and are also diagnostic tools. The dhatugata fevers and their symptoms are as mentioned below.
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Sl No Tissue in which fever is located Symptoms
1 Rasa dhatu/ lymph, plasma Charaka
Heaviness of the body
Agitation / anxiety / distress
Exhaustion / laxity of body
Rise of temperature on the surface
Pain in body parts
Heaviness of the body
Discomfort in the cardiac region
2 Blood Red colored / hot blisters
Repeated spitting of blood
Burning sensation
Redness of body parts
Spitting of blood
Burning sensation
Uneasiness / confusion
3 Muscle Excessive burning sensation inside the body
Delusion / bewilderment / hallucination
Excessive defecation / diarrhea
Foul smell emitted from the body
Throwing of body parts / convulsions
Painful cramps in the calf muscles
Excessive thirst
Excessive discharge of feces and stools
Excessive rise in temperature
Burning sensation inside the body
4 Fat Excessive sweating
Excessive thirst
Repeated and excessive vomiting
Intolerance to one’s own body smell
Excessive sweating
Excessive thirst
Fainting / loss of consciousness
Foul smelling from the body
Intolerance to sound and other sensory perceptions
5 Bone Diarrhea
Simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea
Splitting pain in the bones
Indistinct voice coming from the throat with pain
Throwing of body parts / convulsions
Dyspnea / breathlessness
Same symptoms as those mentioned by Charaka  
6 Bone Marrow Hiccough
Dyspnea / breathlessness
Repeated spells of darkness in front of the eyes
Splitting pain in the vital regions / organs of the body
Coldness on the surface of the body and burning sensation inside the body
Same as those explained by Charaka
7 Semen Excessive discharge / elimination / ejaculation of semen and destruction of semen / sperms by the soul
Death due to escape of light element and destruction of prana vayu, vital fire and water elements of the body
Stiffness of penis
Excessive discharge of semen

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Prognosis of fevers seated in the tissues

Sl No Fevers located in Prognosis
1 Lymph / plasma
2 Bones
Bone marrow
Curable with difficulty
3 Semen Incurable

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Treatment principles

Sl No Fevers located in Treatment
1 Lymph / plasma Emesis
2 Blood Sprinkling / showering medicinal fluids
Anointment of medicinal pastes
Palliative medicines
3 Muscles and Fat Purgation
4 Bones and Bone Marrow Decoction enemas
Oil / unctuous enemas

Rasayana therapies should be used after the cure of these fevers to prevent further progression of the disease and also to rejuvenate the system and enhance immunity. This will also help in preventing the recurrence of these fevers.
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Clinical significance

Many fevers will leave back their footprints. The reasons for why the fevers may get lodged in the tissues have been mentioned earlier. After the treatment of fevers when the symptoms stay for a long time and keep bothering with or without evident fever one can diagnose them as fevers lodged in the tissues. Symptoms of these fevers will give a hint towards the tissue in which the fever is lodged. This helps in treating them promptly and saving the tissues from getting damaged further or permanently destroyed. Tissues are the building blocks of the body and their collective balance of health denotes a good immunity. When the immunity is less the fevers get lodged in the tissues. On the other hand, when the fevers are lodged in the tissues, the immunity takes a beating. Therefore it is important to diagnose and treat these fevers at the earliest.
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