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While Americans might be hesitant to shop in stores as they reopen during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Create & Cultivate is offering consumers a way to peruse items without stepping inside a physical store.The women-focused career advice platform and events business has partnered with Postmates to open a retail pop-up in Los Angeles offering branded accessories and products from small businesses owned by women of color.Located at Platform shopping center in Culver City through Aug. 29, the #CCSmallBizPopUp offers its products through the Postmates app for curbside pickup or home delivery within 45 minutes of ordering. Passersby can also shop at the storefront by scanning QR codes from the window to ship anywhere in the U.S.Create & Cultivate founder and CEO Jaclyn Johnson said that before the pandemic began, the brand was planning a traditional pop-up at Platform to support small businesses, but pivoted its strategy to cater to customer needs and safety concerns.“In a recent survey, we found that our audience was doubling down on delivery during the pandemic, so we knew we wanted something on-demand but also something innovative in the space,” Johnson said. “With Platform being outdoors, having drive-thru service and Covid-19 safety implementations, it was an ideal setting to launch this concept, which merges IRL and online shopping experiences.” Create & Cultivate partnered with women-owned fabrication shop The Shift Creative to build and install the pop-up.Create & Cultivate The pop-up sells items from Create & Cultivate’s Vegan Leather Essentials collection, which include a laptop bag, satchel backpack and bangle wallet.Additionally, the pop-up sells products from seven brands owned by women of color, based across the country. These include:sunglasses from Coco and Breezy candles from Gilded face masks from Jungle Gurl hand sanitizer from Organic Bath Co aloe vera face moisturizer from Base Butter water bottles from Have a Nice Day skincare products from Undefined Beauty Johnson said the brand curated the featured small businesses by tapping founders previously involved with the platform—including those who’ve spoken on panels and participated in pop-ups—and crowdsourced others based on recommendations from social media followers.Along with creating local exposure for minority-owned, non-L.A.-based brands, the pop-up’s mission is to offer Los Angelenos an easy way to discover and buy items related to self-care during the pandemic.“It’s rare to shop online and receive something in 30 to 45 minutes in the retail space, so we want to play into that demand,” Johnson said. “The items we curated from each brand fall within the self-care category, supporting the needs and wants of customers during the pandemic. If you try to order a mask online, it sometimes takes two weeks to receive, whereas this is immediate and supports women of color-owned small businesses.”Once the pop-up closes next month, Johnson said the Create & Cultivate plans to bring more iterations of the activation to other markets to continue supporting small businesses in the U.S.

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