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Hospitals in the southern United States are running dangerously low on space in intensive care units, as the Delta variant has led to spikes in coronavirus cases not seen since last year’s deadly winter wave.

One in four hospitals now reports more than 95 percent of I.C.U. beds occupied — up from one in five last month. Experts say it can become difficult to maintain standards of care for the sickest patients in hospitals where all or nearly all I.C.U. beds are occupied.

In June, when Covid-19 cases were at their lowest level, less than one in 10 hospitals had dangerously high occupancy rates.

Share of I.C.U. beds occupied in each hospital service area

Also, I am able to read the article for free using an anonymous browser window under their Limited articles access. There are three US Map graphs that are worth looking at from the article plus free state-by-state level statistics by just going to Google and typing the name of the state in: “(State name)” COVID

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