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  • the arrows are rotating sequentially. First by 90 degrees, then 180, then logically 270. The feathers on the end are increasing by one each rotation. For that reason, the answer should be D, as D the arrow is pointing in the bottom left (270 degrees from top left) and has 3 feathers.

  • The pattern goes: Lines, shapes, lines…. the answer must be a shape. The first set of lines and the second set of lines are not the same, therefore (to continue the pattern) the shape must be different from three circles. B is the only answer.

  • The sequence goes: 2 lines, 3 lines, 5 lines. There are two ways to interpret this. First: +1 line, then +2 lines, then logically +3 lines (5+3=8). OR each shape adds itself to the last to get the next. so 2+3=5, then 3+5=8. In both scenarios the answer must have 8 lines, therefore D is correct.

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