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Fasting meals just to lose weight or any other health goals is very dangerous… because you may face issues due to adopting Intermittent fasting/OMAD (one meal a day) practices.

r/Ayurveda - Are you doing Intermittent fasting to reduce weight? know the Ayurvedic facts behind it!

Intermittent Fasting?

Not all will suffer from intermittent fasting but the majority of the population may suffer below complications: –

  • Firstly, Bloating, gas and loss of appetite – Human body is adjusted to circadian rhythm and body demands attention when it’s hungry and if you don’t feed it when it is actually/really hungry then stomach acid (HCL – hydrochloric acid) “Ph” level will become imbalanced and more gastric juice is produced which then enters intestines causing bloating, rumbling and all sorts of pain as the intestine is made of soft mucosa inner layers and small and large intestines will not tolerate strong acid which directly flows in without any food/digested particles causing sometimes even ulcers and loss of appetite.

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  • Secondly, Anemia – This may be caused only if the OMAD (one meal a day) is adopted for a longer duration without doctors advice as lack of food causes insulin imbalances and shivering in the body which also affects glucose secretion and hemoglobin level also changes leading to loss of energy in the body leading to weakness and light-headed feeling.

r/Ayurveda - Are you doing Intermittent fasting to reduce weight? know the Ayurvedic facts behind it!


  • Lastly, Eat Only When Hungry – Adopt this in daily life eat 3 meals a day if only when you feel actual hunger or else can skip one meal and instead consume easily digestible foods, then weight will be under control automatically, also avoid high fatty foods, carbonated drinks like Coke, Pepsi, etc…especially avoid processed sugar and excess salt. eat cucumber and high fiber but easily digestible foods for a comfortable experience, some advantage when you eat only when hungry is – body’s ability to repair, regenerate, heal and detoxify itself increases automatically this is also called as “Autophagy“.

My ultimate suggestion is one should not do anything without actually consulting an Ayurvedic or a vaidya’s in respect to fasting or this OMAD stuffs.

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