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An American prosecutor was fatally shot in the Pacific nation of Micronesia on Monday night after returning from a run with her dog, according to authorities.

Rachelle Bergeron, who was serving as acting attorney general on the small island of Yap, was shot multiple times as she returned home and opened the back of her vehicle. The dog was also killed.

Yap is an island of just 11,000 people.

“Yap’s spirit is broken and our pride and reputation is tarnished,” Yap State director of youth and civic affairs Constantine Yowbalaw said in a statement.

Bergeron, from Wisconsin, first moved to Yap in 2015. She had previously worked in New York, Washington D.C., and India, according to The Associated Press.

Her husband was inside their home baking brownies with a local child when somebody fired three shots at Bergeron, authorities say. Bergeron was pronounced dead on arrival at Yap Memorial Hospital, according to Yowbalaw.

Friend Amos Collins said Bergeron had a passion for fighting on behalf of those who had been abused. Her husband is a pilot with Pacific Mission Aviation, a Christian missionary organization.

Julie Hartup, another pal, told The Associated Press that Bergeron wanted to return home to the U.S. in the near future.

An investigation into the murder is ongoing.

“She had a fun laugh; she loved her dogs; she loved going running; she really cared about the community,” Hartup said. “She was trying her hardest to do the best job she could, and ultimately somebody took her life for being so good at her job.”